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Kudos & Successes

Ann Works With You!
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“I didn't think I could do it at my age.   I tried two trainers before, and they just pushed and pushed and I gave up.  Then I met Ann and have been with her for almost two years now.   I felt I was too old and out of shape.   I was.   I was afraid   But Ann showed that she works WITH you, she doesn't push you to go beyond what you can do.  And I've already gone down three sizes!    This, after nearly 20 years of not working out or even eating right!  I knew I didn't want the problems that come with aging....due to not moving.   I didn't want to rely on meds or doctors.   I had felt I was a lost cause after having tried a few times before.  I was wrong.   I highly recommend Ann and I have referred her to others.   Yes, it's hard to take that first step.   It's scary.  But do it for yourself.  You deserve it.” - Laura C. April 2022

Roy's Recovery

"Four years ago I was told I needed neck surgery and we wouldn't know how it would go for a couple years. Three years ago Dr: You won't get a lot of muscle back. Me: I will still try, I think I can. Two years ago, Dr: You won't gain much more muscle and you probably can't run your races again. Me: I will still try, I think I can. This year, Me: Hey doc, I signed up for a race at the end of March. Dr: You're the most determined patient I've had. You can do it.

Everyone should have you as a trainer and friend Ann Prokenpek!" - R. Norman

Buns & Guns by Ann

Ann's classes have been the best ever for me. She works us hard but, as she does so, she guides and corrects us to prevent any injury from overwork or wrong movement. "Breathe!" "Buns up!" "Buns down!" "Engage your core!" "Not that way Maradee!" Workouts are varied, creative, challenging. She incorporates a variety of workout "toys" - free weights, kettleballs, balls, steps, etc. to keep classes interesting and to make them a genuine workout. Additionally, she has worked with me (and others) to attempt to correct alignments developed over time as we live our lives in our bodies. When I say "attempt," I mean that my follow through on her recommendations is the weak link. There are no excuses with Ann; she has made me better, healthier, more confident of my capacity. Try her, you'll sweat but you'll like it. - Maradee G

Core Work (Core = Everything but your Arms, Legs, and Head)
It's Not Always About Weight Loss

I have worked with Ann on two separate occasions and have had excellent results.  I am an 80 year old male and Ann has me doing things that are helping me stay healthier and stronger. She has me jumping rope, and bench pressing fairly heavy free weights. 


All the workouts she takes me through are functional movements to aide with my daily activities.


With her help, I have lowered my blood glucose by over 50 points and lost 15 pounds in the last six months.


Ann is very supportive, empathetic, and most importantly very knowledgeable. She is a treasure--contact her today!

Larry Dehlin-Eugene ,Oregon

Amazing Experience!

I am 54 and have struggled with back pain for years. I tried rolfing, chiropractic, special chairs and cushions, and nothing seemed to provide relief for long. I saw Ann's information online and decided to give it a try. She is amazing, and my back is so much better. My overall energy and strength has improved, and the pain is gone. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to stay mobile and active.

Janet M.

Playground Workout
Get Fit With Ann

Ann is an excellent motivator and tough trainer! I always appreciated her creative workouts, enthusiasm, and helpful feedback. I would highly recommend working with her on your fitness goals.

Tiffany C.

Tough Mudder Ready

I have been working with Ann for over 2 years now. The best decision I ever made. I change my goals from time to time and Ann does an incredible job helping me reach them every time. At 41 years old, I have not been in this good of shape in over 20 years. My latest adventure was a 5k obstacle course. Ann went in and reviewed the obstacles and designed a workout program for me to conquer the race!! Absolutely incredible!!! I flew through every obstacle without a problem. I was even able to run across a four inch beam when others were walking and shaking. My core is stronger, my body is completely different than just a few years ago. I owe it all to Ann!!!

Make the decision to work with her and it will be the best thing you have done! She encourages you along the way and makes sure that you are doing all of the right things including your form!! Thanks to Ann, my life has really started all over!!! Thanks ANN!!!!!!

Roy Norman

Tough Mudder
Once In-Person
Now via Webcam

I strongly recommend Ann’s services as a personal trainer. I have been working with Ann since mid-February 2013. I have three, one-hour with her per week at my home, and regularly communicate with her virtually regarding my health and fitness needs. Since I started working with Ann, I have improved my overall health immensely and have lost more than 20 pounds and several inches of body fat from various areas of my body. I have been very impressed not only with Ann’s breadth and depth of knowledge in her areas of expertise, but also with her professionalism, dedication, and ability to tailor her services to meet my needs and to help me set and achieve realistic, yet aggressive fitness and health goals. My sessions with Ann are fun, diverse, and very effective. I anticipate working with Ann for many years to come and I recommend her services without reservation. – Dr. C. Bates

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