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You Can Drop It

This book is written by a Registered Dietitian who has been right where we have been and then some.  I love this book, and have incorporated some of Ilana's techniques into my nutrition coaching program.

A couple of her recommendations, are something I leave up to my clients.  Those are weighing yourself daily, and tracking your food and activities.  Weighing daily can be counterproductive to a lot of people, but her emphasis is also not to become a slave of the scale, but just to use it as a monitoring tool.  I do believe in tracking your food and activities from time to time, but not to become a slave to it unless it is something that you really like to do.

Ilana provides a lot of great advice, her own experiences with food and obesity, and the right way to make the changes in your life in order to be happy and healthy.

Ann's Recommendations
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